Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens when someone receives my business card?
  2. A. They throw it in the garbage
    B. They keep it and possibly use it in the future
    C. They register for their reward
    (Once they register for their reward you will receive their name, email address and Zip Code)

    D. They use their reward dollars and RELOAD their code and you will receive a commission.
    E. They become a subscriber you and will receive a commission.

  3. I no longer wish to subscribe to NCC service.
  4. A. You will FORFEIT all of your commissions for any new subscribers.
    B. To cancel your service, email

  5. I want to sign my friend up on line?
  6. A. You can send them your unique LSC link which is featured on the back of your business card.

  7. How do I change my credit or debit card to make payment?
  8. A. To update your credit or debit card, email

  9. I have a question about my commission:
  10. A. Please email with your question.

  11. How does NCC work?
  12. A. More Info

  13. Can I remarket this program on Social Media?
  14. No. Please refer to your Affiliate agreement. If you have an idea please submit a formal request to:

  15. Can I become a remarketer of this Program?
  16. Yes.
    Email to see various approved remarketing programs available to you.

  17. What happens if I change my occupation, name phone #, address or and I order new business cards.
  18. A. When ordering your new business card you will provide us your Affiliate or Pin # with the new information. In addition you will upload your new LOGO and mission statement if necessary. Additionally if you need to send us a new web site address just let click here: Info goes to Monte

  19. If I just want access to the discounts offered at LSC do I still need to pay $20.00 a month?
  20. A. NO. Access to LSC is the benefit you received by registering your original information to receive your free reward

  21. Can I combine my LSC codes if I have more than one?
  22. A. NO. LSC codes cannot be combined.

  23. Does my LSC expire?
  24. A. No. Your LSC never expires

  25. I lost my code. How do I find it?
  26. A. Please email us at to get your unique code.

  27. I don’t know my code balance how do I find it?
  28. A. To find out the balance your code(s) just email and we'll send you your code.

  29. I have a different question, what do I do?
  30. A. Contact us at and we will gladly respond.

  31. I want to talk to a real person.
  32. A. No problem. Please email and schedule your appointment.

  33. How do I sign up on a web page?
  34. A. All you need to do is follow the easy instructions on the sign up page and we do everything else.

  35. What would I be if I'm not an affiliate? And then what would my commission be based on?
  36. A. You would maintain your Subscriber status and NOT receive a commission. All you need to do to become an affiliate is check of the Affiliate agreement upon signing up.

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